The Right Tools for Today’s Sales Development Reps

The Right Tools for Today’s Sales Development Representatives


As many aspects of the sales function were re-engineered to eliminate constraints associated with filling sales pipelines, the rise of sales development representatives (SDR) outpaced new technology to support such roles.

To do their jobs, SDRs have been stuck between marketing automation platforms and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Working between these two tools leads to inefficiencies in engagement, frustration, and a lack of profitable revenue growth.

While marketing automation platforms and CRM systems still have their place within an organization, SDRs require specific tools to identify, target, and qualify sales-ready opportunities in a more efficient manner.


Tools for Sales Development Reps

Content Library

The content your marketing team creates is essential to converting leads to sales. With full access to all of the content your internal teams are creating, you can deliver relevant, interesting and useful content to your prospects. Organized by topic or target demographic, you can easily deliver assets to prospects at the touch of a button.

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Video Content

Although video content is traditionally considered a marketing tool, smart sales teams are starting to use it for their own purposes. Great video content will support sales goals, improve engagement, drive conversions and give your customers the essential information they need to become a customer.

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Specialized sales dialers give your reps a powerful competitive advantage. Not only do they accelerate productivity, but they also raise connection rates and make your SDRs’ conversations more successful. That means more revenue in the pockets of your business.

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Audience Segmentation

When you can prospect to a specific target, you’ll be much more likely to close a sale. With the right tools, you can source contact information for every prospect in your segment, automatically getting their email address, phone number, and social profiles. Once you have the full picture of your prospect, you can more easily advance them through your sales funnel.

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Moment of Interest Alerts

It’s proven that responding to requests immediately increases the likelihood that the customer will convert. However, many sales platforms rely on data that can be dated, sometimes up to days and in some cases, weeks old. A sales platform that provides salespeople with immediate alerts can help them start a conversation.

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Trackable Email Templates

A strong sales development platform will have email templates built into its system, giving your team quick and easy access to a variety of compelling designs. If email is a big part of your sales strategy, you may want to find a platform that will help you increase open rate, spread brand awareness and encourage sales.

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Lead Scoring

Many of today’s platforms have something called opportunity scoring. This ensures that leads are fully qualified before they’re handed off, which builds a stronger sense of trust throughout the members of your sales team. When all’s said and done, you want to give your sales team the best chance to succeed.

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Centralized Dashboard

A centralized and composite dashboard allows the salesperson to organize their entire day around the highest priorities. When you’re trying to meet your daily prospecting goals, you can lower your stress, increase productivity and save time by keeping everything in one, handy location.

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Automated Sales Metrics and Reports

With an automated sales dashboard, you’ve just cut out a tedious, hours-long task of finding and assimilating relevant information. With these dashboards,  you have unparalleled access to crucial data that is generated by your team as they execute their sales strategy.

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Engage More Buyers With a Sales Development Platform

Today’s sales organizations are becoming functionally specialized. The resulting process and workflow changes require new, purpose-built technology to enable these specialties. Implementing a sales development platform designed around a centralized hub enables SDRs to focus on daily activities and goals. In addition to helping SDRs more effectively reach each customer with the right message at the right time, sales development platforms can help them cover more ground in less time using a variety of tools built exclusively for their role.


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