The Four Pillars of Relevant Sales Engagement

Relevance is time-consuming.

There are droves of companies currently automating sales activities considered tedious, mundane, or otherwise. Prospecting is an easy target, because its the hardest job in which to replicate results. When you actually do get someone on the other end, it’s anyones guess how the conversation will go. You can ask all of the same questions, tell them all of the same value points, and uncover similar pain. This is the part you can’t automate.

The relevant conversation.

The key to relevant engagement is to be as human as possible, which is difficult to replicate and scale. Careful time and consideration needs to be taken into each call to ensure that you are respecting the prospect’s time. Herein lies the last frontier of Sales Automation: how do you boil downreplicate, and scale relevance? We’ve identified four key factors that make up a relevant engagement, from start to finish. We’ve named them (ahem, drumroll please):

The Four Pillars of Relevant Sales Engagement

These four pillars exist in succession of one another, and complement the entire process from prospect to close. OppSource has built this into our sales methodology and our own product to produce seamless interactions between customers and Sales Reps. From start to finish, they close the communication gaps and get rid of lag time to create a more holistic experience. Here is an overview of their core elements:

1. Compelling Content

Compelling Content

It’s hard enough to get someone’s attention, let alone get them to review the content that you’re producing. It has to be more than just thought provoking – it has to be action provoking. If you give it all away on the front end, they won’t be compelled to learn more.

You need more than thought provoking content  – you need action provoking content.

This compelling content, of course, will have the appropriate strings. Your marketing team needs to provide significant enough value to evoke a response from your desired inbound lead.  If the content is compelling enough, the only problem you will have is following up on all those inbound leads.


2. Appropriate Timing

Appropriate Timing Timing is everything when you are focused on relevance.  When’s the best time to sell an umbrella? When rain is in the forecast. Similarly, the best time to reach out to buyers is while they’re actively trying to solve a problem.

Connecting with an active buyer may be an urgent priority for a hungry rep, but 60% of buyers are only ready to be reached out to after they have reached the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. If your compelling content doesn’t force your leads to take action right away, there is a high probability that they still haven’t made it out of the awareness stage.  On the other end of things, you need to reach out to them when the timing is right. Once they are in the consideration stage, they will express interest through a series of digital cues that will tell you they are ready.

We’ve found that reaching out within ten minutes of the prospect’s Moment of Interest™ yields the best results.



3. Personalized Engagement

Engaging Conversations

This is the age of opt-ins, cookies, and form-fills. Based on the data that people willingly hand over, you should be able to gather enough information to personalize your engagement.

In your appropriately timed engagement, anything appearing generic won’t even get looked at. Boiler-plate emails no longer close deals. Communication should be a one-two combo of relevant details and addressing pain. The first one gets the lead to look, and the second will get them to listen. The problem is that both of those can take hours to individually research or uncover from notes. By using machine learning, your Sales engagement system can pull that data from the account. Here is the start to a relevant engagement on of our sales reps had with a lead, captured and transcribed by OppSource Aptitude™.transcript-andy


The above dialogue, this is what the beginning of a series of relevant engagements looks like. In a fully-augmented sales engagement platform with machine learning, this information is readily available on a dashboard, creating a completely relevant experience for the customer. The next step is to make each subsequent engagement appear as though the rep never missed a beat.


4. An All-In-One Experience

all in one experience

Your reps are not focusing on just one lead, they’re focused on multiple groups of them. That’s why, when you work out of your dashboard, they need the information readily available along with insights gathered by machine learning form the entire account. Once the rep has established contact – they can’t afford any gaps. The all-in-one experience requires them to pick up where you left off with every conversation, and whisk the buyer down your pipeline without them feeling any turbulence.



How do You Scale this for a Team?


Two things are for certain – B2B buyers crave relevance, and conversations are getting harder to come by. Arming your sales reps with the information they need to start a relevant dialogue can make or break an entire sales cycle. On the occasion that they actually connect with a prospect, they will need to have every insight about the account in front of them to be able to start of finish a cycle. An all-in-one platform that transcribes conversations not only makes that information readily available when appropriate, but helps train the team on what they need to say and do as next steps. It also takes care of the tedious tasks like scheduling and taking notes, so that sales reps can focus more on what the prospect is saying and provide critical responses.

Collecting, storing, and bringing up relevant information in conversation can be tedious. OppSource provides an all-in-one Sales Engagement platform that leverages Machine Learning to gather all of the insights that any given sales rep would use in an interaction with a buyer. The advantage of using an all-in-one platform as opposed to a bolt-on system, is that it influences higher adoption rates.

If you’re interested to see what this looks like, reach out and we will personally walk you though our solution and show you, specifically, how it can bring value to your existing processes. In B2B sales, one thing we’ve found to be universally true, is that everyone can use a little more relevance.

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