Tech Sales Have Changed – So Should Your Sales Strategy

It’s probably not very earth-shattering to tell you that the landscape of B2B technology selling has changed dramatically. In a world where consumers (regardless of being B2B or B2C) would rather Google an answer or ask their social networks for input, it’s hard to get a leg up on your competition.

In part one of a two-part interview with ZDNet, Mark Galloway discusses the new challenges of technology sales and how sales teams must mold to changing expectations and behavior. Here’s a preview from the full article available on ZDNet:

Brian Sommer, ZDNet: The recent issue of Harvard Business Review had an article announcing the end of solution selling. The authors suggest a different kind of sales person is needed to re-frame the sale (i.e., the Challenger). Are you seeing this, too?

Mark Galloway, OppSource: Absolutely. Nobody wants to be “sold” anything, even if it is disguised as a “20 questions – discovery session.” Rather our consumer behaviors are leaking over into our daily business lives. We want to have a discussion around issues that are important to us where we might get to ask the “sales person” 20 questions about how they have helped others solve the issue we are most concerned about. The best sales people are able to take these “moments of interest” and insert their fresh thinking into the prospect’s mind by planting ideas that are relevant to the prospect’s areas of interest, not the salesperson’s desire to retire their revenue quota diet to lose weight quickly.

Check out the full piece and feel free to chime in below with the challenges and opportunities you’re encountering.

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