Sales Prospecting Survey: What We Learned

The cold calling, the data entry, the scheduling…it’s a lot to juggle, right?


While CRM’s are built to support pipeline management and forecasting, they often times lack the features to help manage one very important task: Prospecting.



In September, we decided to launch a survey focused

solely on Sales Prospecting and the challenges associated

with it in the hopes of learning how to better support our users.


Referred to internally as “CovertOpps”, our mission

(and yes, we chose to accept it) was to go underground

to get information straight from the source.



The results were compelling – here’s what we learned.



Survey Demographics

With the launch of this survey, we had some very generous reps, managers, and executives take the time to lay out exactly where they’re struggling and what they’re doing to work around their challenges. Our aim was to target sales professionals with prospecting responsibilities – they know the game, they’ve navigated the waters, and they’ve got the answers.





Survey Results

As more respondents completed the survey, distinct stories began to emerge. Sales Reps were struggling with their prospecting responsibilities in several key areas: Using CRM, Lead Nurturing, and Manual Processes. From these key areas, we break down exactly how the reps are navigating their challenges.




The Takeaway

The more we understand the challenges, the better solutions we can provide to the problems. Through this research we’ve found that when reps are left to their own devices within the CRM structure, a large amount of time is wasted trying to organize their day, prioritize leads, and manually enter data – all things that could be automated. For example, OppSource uses automated TouchPlans so that reps always know what their next step is. Our advice? Give your reps more structure to automate menial tasks so that they can focus on what matters most: making calls.

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