Sales Engagement Isn’t About Creating More Tasks

“I do precision guesswork, based on unreliable data, provided by those with questionable knowledge to meet or exceed formidable expectations.”

-Sound familiar?


In the today’s B2B sales world, winning a new deal doesn’t happen without engaging conversations. It takes multiple conversations with multiple contacts in an account just to get a new opportunity identified and transformed into a qualified sales opportunity.


Sales Engagement for Prospecting

At OppSource, we call this process “engagement”, and engagement typically comes in the form of a phone conversation with one or more contacts within an account.


Most sales professionals who deal with prospecting appreciate how much outreach effort is required to make a single engaging conversation happen.


The rise of sales prospecting automation tools has made this process easier by automating and managing the sequence of all the touch points (calls, emails, LinkedIn inmails, etc.) required to reach today’s elusive and time-constrained B2B customer.


Automation: Are We Missing Something?

While touch plan automation has increased the volume and velocity of prospecting activities, it fails to improve the end-objective: making the most of those hard-to-get conversations.


So often, all the work your team puts into getting that engaging conversation ends up as cryptic short-hand notes that lack any useful context for others.


Think about it: when’s the last time you looked in your CRM, read the notes from a conversation between a rep and a customer, and understood what it meant?


This begs the question: do you know precisely what your best reps are saying and asking of your customers and prospects?


Better yet, do you know precisely what your worst reps are saying and asking of your customers and prospects?


Unlocking the Value of Conversations

Sales executives have been trying to shift the sales talent curve for ages. But in the end, all the sales training investments, all the coaching and mentoring all too often ends up with over-simplified rep insights and cryptic notes stored in the CRM.


Typical customer and prospect conversations get distilled into shorthand such as:

  • “Had a great call…they are interested in learning more…”
  • “…They loved our product, follow up next week with proposal”


This does not allow sales managers or other internal consumers of market response data to have fact-based insights into how brand messaging and solution positioning is being delivered or how customers and prospects are reacting.


What if instead of the sales rep being the one to distill the conversation, Artificial Intelligence did it for them?



Introducing OppSource Aptitude™



Aptitude is the premier all-in-one customer engagement platform that uses machine learning to:


  • Automatically capture each conversation and transcribe into a two-party transcript
  • Identify and pull out all qualifying data and keywords as defined by the user
  • Analyze each conversation to find important follow-up commitments


With everything done in the background, reps can fully concentrate on what’s most important: engaging with the customer or prospect.


Better for turnover

With the average sales development rep tenure less than a year, continuity of pursuit and engagement has always been difficult and awkward.


With OppSource Aptitude, new reps can easily see what the last conversation was and what action items and tasks were agreed to, making it simple to pick up where the last rep left off.


Better for managers

Managers can see precisely what their best performers are saying and asking customers and use these insights to coach their under performersdirectly impacting the sales pipeline.


And more!

Other capabilities that OppSource Aptitude enables:

  • See what your most successful reps are saying and how they are handling customer/prospect objections.
  • See what your poor performing reps are saying and gain immediate insight into whether it’s a skill or competency set of issues.
  • Marketing now can see actual customer and prospect responses to new product messaging and positioning. No more guessing or interpreting notes captured by reps
  • Never miss a follow up appointment because you forgot to get it scheduled.
  • Fine tune sales forecasts by validating customer engagement and their affirmed decision process
  • Consistently and accurately capture detailed and actionable account data that can be used to drive follow up and nurturing campaigns
  • See what different contact roles across an account are saying and whether there are patterns of words they each use to describe issues, objectives, and motivations


Looking to the future

Automation that helps drive the arduous outreach effort necessary to make the conversation occur in the first place has always been the mainstay of our core engagement platform capability.


With OppSource Aptitude, we extend our touch plan automation and pursuit orchestration to include transcribing, refining, and distilling each engaging conversation.  Together, these new powerful capabilities elevate rep and team productivity to a whole new level.

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