Real-Time Guided Selling

There are so many flashy Salesforce add-ons, apps, and tools these days aimed at “revolutionizing” the salesperson’s day. To a Sales leader, these tools are presented as complete pipeline expanding solutions. To the reps, these are the end-all be-all of hitting their number. Here’s the kicker – there are a LOT of them. Plenty of companies have seemingly addressed the productivity issue in Sales, and beat that horse to death. With an average turnover rate of 34%, however, it’s becoming more apparent that sales tools are trying to solve the wrong problem. The real pain lies in how companies effectively invest in the development of their Inside Sales and Sales Development reps. How can they continually train them with accurate data? The system needs to help coach reps in real-time.

What Is Real-Time Guided-Selling?

The notion that a rep can get on-screen tips during a conversation sounds pretty techy and futuristic, and maybe even simple. There are some basic requirements before any system can offer this kind of advice before implementing.

Being sold on the features and functions alone can land you with yet another tool in your tech stack that doesn’t perform the way you were told. It is so important to have an all-in-one solution because your sales organization can accelerate sales activity while gathering and capturing conversation data. That way the system can figure out what works for your company so that when the time comes to pull the trigger real-time guided selling, you have a cavalcade of data to back it up. This is why tools and add-ons ultimately fail. So what are the steps involved?

1- Implementation

The very first step is building the foundation. Making sure that data, once it is ready to be captured, goes to the correct place. The fields you use in Oracle Engagement Cloud and Salesforce are where the your forecasts pull your data from, so making sure that information automatically syncs is key. While you are collecting valuable insights, you’ll want to make sure that every little detail is accounted for so that the pipeline has a firm foundation.

2 – Start Selling, Start Gathering

Your system is up and ready, and there’s not time to waste. After a a brief familiarizing period, your reps will be calling an emailing their way through their prescribed work faster than ever before. The key benefit in all this, is that they are accomplishing two things: accelerated sales activity, and gathering valuable insights for machine learning to turn into guided selling points. As this is going on, machine learning is figuring out what is important and relevant to your sales cycles. This is something that cannot be skipped, mimicked, or improvised. It has to be your data. 

3 – Compile Your Findings

After you gather the data, you’ll need to groom it, and prepare for your team to grow from it. Machine learning finds the most successful conversations and rip out their core elements. By finding these insights, the system can reccomend taking points to overturn certain objections, or the subjects reps should avoid saying that will make a deal go south.  All of these insights can be easily organized into an ever-evolving set of best practices.

4 – Real-Time Guided Selling

After all of this is gathered, you’re ready to unleash the full potential of your machine learning sales platform. During the call it will guide your rep based on the real- time transcription. Call recordings are a thing of the past. You will . have actionable data based on the sentiment of your prospect. AI will be measuring the space between what was said and the prospects reaction, to aid in gauging sentiment. This can have implications for video as well such as visual cues such as posture or facial expressions. Tips pop up on screen based on previous similar conversations, and provide suggestions on where to take the conversation. The possibilities for augmenting the modern sales rep are endless.


You can’t accomplish this with a bolt-on tool. Having an entire tech stack with bolt ons here and tools there is hard for the modern sales rep to adopt. They don’t have time to learn how to use 5-10 different tools. They need something all-in-one to accomplish everything listed above. The engagement rhythms, the transcriptions, and the assisted selling. If you want to learn more about OppSource’s all-in-one Sales Engagement platform powered by AI, click here. We will walk you through these steps in higher detail, and paint the picture of the specific value this provides for your sales organization.


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