Increasing Effectiveness for Sales Leaders

OppSource isn’t just a tool you give to your Reps. It is a comprehensive solution to the gap between a CRM and Marketing Automation. By Pairing Sales Engagement with Machine Learning, OppSource brings you actionable insights from the front-end of every cycle.

OppSource Brings Significant Value:

The most accurate forecasts you’ve ever had

Insights gathered by OppSource Aptitude™ give Sales Leaders the clearest picture of their forecasts. You will have the insights you want from the place you’ve never been able to access them: the conversations being had.

Decrease in turnover

Let’s face it. Attrition is expensive. If your sales team is making their numbers and consistently growing, why would they need to leave? Give your sales team a platform that will empower them to make them more money, and they will stay. In turn, you will fortify your margins by spending less money onboarding.

Replicate Your Wins

Know what your buyers want to hear. OppSource Aptitude™ harvests the insights from all the deals that you close and brings out the common denominators. What reps say, how long they wait to follow-up, what things the buyer is most interested in –   Sales Leaders can take this cold hard data and use it to bring deals to close again and again.

Cultivate Revenue Growth

It’s more than just closing net new business. Say your rep has a conversation with a buyer, and they offhandedly mention a future opportunity for reveneue. OppSouce will make sure that never gets lost, and is brought to the account owner’s attention at precisely the right time. By pairing the robust functionality of a Sales Engagement platform with the endless capabilities of Machine Learning, OppSource fortifies your chance to win future opportunities.

Empowering Sales Management

Imagine the list of things you could accomplish if you had more time to focus on your team. OppSource offers a full suite of Sales Engagement tools and pairs them with Machine Learning to help you accelerate and coach your team effectively.

Specific Ways OppSource Adds Value:

Say goodbye to hours of call recordings

Conversation transcripts take the tedious task of listening to your team’s calls and puts in a convenient format so you can find what you are looking for right then and there. OppSource Aptitude™ will also gauge the buyer’s sentiment during each conversation –  based on your defined indicators.

Complete visibility into your team’s deals

Whenever you get asked, you’ll know with certainty how to answer. With your own eyes, you can see what your team is saying to prospects and instantly get a feel for its progress. If that isn’t enough – the sentiment will let you know, at a glance, which deals need work and which deals are sailing smoothly along the pipeline.

Consistent messaging across your entire team

It’s fairly easy to find out what works and what doesn’t – but replicating success is another story. By pairing Sales Engagement with Machine Learning, you will know what your best reps are saying. You can coach your entire team with this data, turning your B Reps into A Reps, and your A Reps into MVPs.

Cultivate more high-quality opportunities

Quality breed quality. You will have a stable process in place to bring good opportunities into the pipeline, and whisk them down the journey to close. Augment your team with Machine Learning will free them up from monotonous tasks like scheduling and note taking, and give them more time to focus on selling activities.

Augmenting and Accelerating Sales Reps

There are tools, and then there are solutions. OppSource is a fully automated Sales Engagement platform powered by AI, built to handle the monotonous tasks so you can spend more time on what you do best – selling. 

Things You Will Love:

Don’t worry about your notes

OppSource Aptitude™ will transcribe the entire engagement. This way when you’re having a conversation, you can focus on what your buyer is saying instead of deciding what to write down. This creates a much more relevant and meaningful dialogue.

Leave the scheduling to Aptitude

Instead of a tangle of conversation notes, callback reminders, and tasks; Machine Learning takes the action items that come out of your conversation transcripts and schedules next steps. Whether that is sending a certain whitepaper to a particular prospect, or following up when they have budget – OppSource Aptitude™ does it automatically.

Create rhythmic engagement across all of your accounts

They say it takes over twelve attempts, on average, to reach a prospect. By creating Touch Plans™, you can make sure every prospect gets the appropriate amount of touches across all your accounts. At the end of the day, you’ll suffer no leads lost.

Know when your prospects and buyers are thinking of you

A notification goes a long way. If you can reach out within ten minutes of someone interacting with a piece of your content, your chance of connecting goes up 9x. Getting to that conversation is crucial, which is why OppSource has Moment of Interest™ technology built into the emailer. You won’t miss that window ever again. 

Your Data Flows Seamlessly

We can sync with your CRM to make sure that your information is available wherever you look for it. No speed lost, and no dual entry.

OppSource is the only Sales Engagement solution for Oracle Sales Cloud. Accelerate your Inside Sales & Sales Development teams with an all-in-one platform that is powered by machine learning, and fully integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud.

OppSource Salesforce Sync allows for a seamless flow of information between OppSource and your instance of SFDC. It is built to keep up with the rapid pace your reps will set by using OppSource. Your view into your sales team’s activity will be clear and accurate.

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