How to Leverage Video in your Sales TouchPlan

Although video content is traditionally considered a marketing tool, smart sales teams are starting to use it for their own purposes. Great video content will support sales goals, improve engagement, drive conversions and give your customers the essential information they need to become a customer.

Harnessing the power of video will help both your sales and marketing departments improve the customer’s path to purchase. As you reach out to prospects and leads, it’s crucial that you have supplemental video content that encourages sales. By working together, sales and marketing can create video content that better meets their needs and makes them more likely to buy something.

If you’re looking for help improving your content, here are some tips on how to leverage the power of video in your sales strategy.

Ensure Your Sales Team is Using the Optimal Content

It’s important to understand how video content can be incorporated into an overall content strategy for maximum effect. To find the optimal delivery of your content, have a deep understanding of how your target audience moves through the different stages of your sales funnel.

Through each stage, what does the lead need to continue on to the next one? Use these answers to determine the best video content for your unique sales funnel. Here are some examples:

For a lead who’s in the early stages of your funnel, you may want to supply them with a video demonstration showing how your product works. With an enticing call-to-action at the conclusion of the demo, you can move them into the next phase of your funnel.

Or, you may want to deliver a video testimonial to a lead who’s on the cusp of converting. When a lead sees this, they’re able to relate to another person who can talk positively about what it is you’re selling.

You may even want to use video to warm up potential clients before a meeting. By sending over a brand-centric video that tells your story and communicates value, you’re already getting the relationship off to a good start. This type of video can convey the added benefit of working with your brand and help guide their decision toward the right choice – you!

Another way to find the ideal content is to focus on your competitors. What sets you apart from them? Do you provide a lower price, better service or more features? Whatever it may be, video allows you to specifically call out those competitive advantages, prove performance quality and visually validate claims.

As long as you focus on what matters to your customer, you can deliver informational and attractive video content that will support your sales efforts.


Do a deep dive of your target audience and current customer bases. Are you reaching the ideal people? If not, how do the two groups differ and what can you do to attract the right customer? Develop fictionalized target personas that include various needs, goals, frustrations and behaviors, along with demographic information like age, sex, location and job. When you understand the best person to sell to and what qualifies a lead, you have the best chance of making the sale.

Things to Avoid when Adding Video into Your Sales Strategy

Unfortunately, too many sales teams try to cram too much stuff into a haphazard production schedule. To avoid this pitfall, work together with your marketing division to make sure each video has a specific use and offers obvious value. To take advantage of low-hanging fruit, try repurposing old content such as blog articles, how-to tutorials, pamphlets, website testimonials, checklists and slideshows. By developing multiple versions of your content, you can better meet the specific needs of leads and prospects who are in different situations.


You never want to come off as unprofessional. Make sure that your videos are produced to the highest standard of quality possible. As a reflection of your brand, products and services, a poorly filmed video will make a bad impression. It’s better to focus on quality, not quantity, as you try to communicate your brand’s vision through video.

Train Your Team on How to Properly Use Video Content for Sales

It’s no secret that each selling situation is unique and every customer consumes content differently. A salesperson who has been around the block knows this as a fact.

To teach those who aren’t familiar with video implementation, start by asking them about their common pain points. Are they seeing customers back out when they hear the price? Are customers losing interest when they hear the benefits? Each of these scenarios, along with many others, can be supported and improved by specific videos, tailored for a certain audience, delivered at crucial moments. You can even develop and use a specific script, proven to work, that accompanies the video for maximum impact.

To prepare a sales team for a variety of scenarios, create and deliver video content that supplements your selling efforts. Take a look at the example below and see if it’s a tactic you could work into your overall sales strategy.

Let’s say you’re giving a sales presentation to a potential new client. While a slideshow may get your point across, a video will create a much more memorable presentation. Sit back, and let the video talk for you, or try narrating live over top of the video to make it a larger part of your pitch. Include helpful text, graphics and images to push key points, benefits and prices. After it’s done and you’ve wowed them, follow up by sending a testimonial video that verifies all of the claims you just presented.

And, let’s be honest here – most salespeople are not technology experts – that’s why they’re salespeople! Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, however, when you’re trying to train salespeople on how to use video, it’s a relatively easy thing to grasp. Another great reason to implement it into your strategy.


To make sure your sales team is effectively communicating their message through video, collect regular feedback from your sales team and possibly your current or past clients to see how your content is performing. Do they feel like the video content is helping them make sales or hurting their efforts? You can also monitor the number of hits on each video to see which one is performing the highest or most poorly. When you have insight into an effective video, share it with the team so they can try it out in their own pitches.

Find the Best Tools for Efficient, Effective Video Delivery

As a sales professional, you know that a pitch can happen at almost any time and place, keeping you on your toes. To stay prepared, having video on hand will help you take advantage of any situation you find yourself in.

Think about this scenario: After searching Google for “how to use [your product]”, a consumer clicks into a specific long-form article on your website titled, 50 Ways to Use [Your Product]. They read the article and get to the bottom of the page, indicating they enjoyed consuming the content. When the user shows that much interest in a topic, it’d be a good idea to implement a video popover that offers a supplemental, exclusive or “secret” tip on how to use [your product].

While they may have found the article useful, when they can actually visualize themselves using [your product], they’re more apt to press the compelling CTA at the end of the video and advance into the next stage of your funnel.


Use a trusted, highly regarded sales software to improve your sales process and make video work for your team. OppSource can improve your content delivery efforts with our convenient TouchPlans feature, allowing you to take control of when and how video is served to users.

Automate your Lead Flow with TouchPlans

With TouchPlans, you’re now able to automate sales campaigns by setting up prospecting workflows that can include single or multiple video touch points. This makes it incredibly easy to maintain your database of contacts and deliver the right videos to all of your valuable prospects and leads. With TouchPlans, you have the ability to contact leads in a simple and stress-free manner.

For example, with our Day and Hour Reporting tool, you are able to:

  • Find out the ideal time to contact leads
  • Investigate all of your contact’s details
  • Determine the best outreach method for your company

Make More Sales with Powerful TouchPlan Management

TouchPlans give salespeople the power to develop manageable and actionable workflows. When your team members can deliver the greatest mix of touch points, from calls to video, they’re bound to increase the overall sales volume of your organization.

TouchPlans take the guesswork out of prospecting and lets SDRs organize and color-code their TouchPlans into Moment-of-Interest, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing workflows, ensuring their target audience receives the right content every time.


With TouchPlans, you also gain insight into the analytical performance of your successes and failures. This feature is integrated with real-time analytics, giving sales teams access to valuable data that shows strengths and weaknesses. With this information, you can alter your sales strategy to improve and meet performance benchmarks.

Implement Video Content and See More Sales Today

While you shouldn’t completely rewrite your entire sales strategy, video can make a fantastic addition to it. When properly used, a video will help you better meet your customers’ needs, while supporting specific stages of the sales funnel to win more business.

Contact OppSource and Take Control of Your Sales Funnel

If your team is looking for a premier content delivery system to help build credibility for your brand, product or service, OppSource has the technology that will make it happen. Contact us today to find out how you can take control of your funnel with our helpful sales tool.

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