How A.I. Enhances Your Sales Leadership

You have too much on your plate as it is. If it’s not carefully tending to the sales pipeline, it’s the team at large. Too many irons in the fire, so anything you evaluate HAS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.


Time and time again of being told that systems will “revolutionize the way you sell” and then you end up spending more time learning how to work them into your strategy.


You end up wondering “is this saving me time or is it just costing me more.”


Well here’s a plot twist: AI automates processes that slow you down. In any given day, I’ll bet you do a dozen things that you could automate but just don’t have the time to explore the mechanisms for it. Here are a few specific scenarioswhere artificial intelligence can truly revolutionize sales leadership:


Scenario 1: Coaching the Team at Large


You have your monthly or quarterly coaching meeting with your reps. In that meeting, you need to accurately evaluate how they’re doing and make relevant suggestions. To accomplish this, you either spend hours listening to sales conversations to see how they’re doing, or you rely on hearsay and let them tell the story for you.


The Problem:

Both of you walk away with that open-ended feeling that you might not have accomplished the true goal in that meeting, but it’s off the books until next month.


The Solution:

Artificial Intelligence can transcribe all of those conversations and boil it down into the elements you’re looking for:

  • What are the most-used phrases in conversations that ultimately close?
  • What phrases are related to great prospect sentiment?
  • What is the prospect is saying that the rep might be missing to create an opportunity?


Scenario 2: Hunting for New Revenue within Existing Customer Accounts


You have an extensive existing base of customers that still has untapped potential for revenue. You’re currently dealing with one division, but you want to get into another area and expand within the account.


The Problem:

You need to know who to talk to, where to focus your efforts, what the budget is, and when they are beginning a buying cycle. This is certainly attainable, but how much time should you spend investigating the who, what, when, where, and why?


The Solution:

You already have this information if your sales reps are using a machine learning solution. How?

  • In the course of their conversations the rep might hear all of these things, but maybe it’s not related to this period’s quota so it doesn’t make the notepad.
  • AI takes these and stores them in the Account’s file.
  • Machine learning takes into account what you’ve designated as important to growth within accounts and mines that out of the conversation, refines it, and turns it into actionable insights for sales leadership.


Scenario 3: The Tedious and Dreaded “Pipeline Review”


You’re meeting with the higher-ups and creating an “accurate” view of which deals in your pipeline will close. Historically, you sit down with your reps periodically and ask them about each and every deal. This is a great chance to get face time with your reps, and get their “unbiased” opinion if the deal will close or not.


The Problem:

Reps can’t have an unbiased opinion on their own deals. You need to know if the decision maker is just as excited as they are. Often times this creates unrealistic expectations in the pipeline, and you carry those up the chain of command like a high-stakes game of telephone.


The Solution:

Call Transcription that gives you more ammunition and changes the pipeline review from a h-said/she-said conversation into a conversation asking directly about things the decision makers say.

  • Not only can you review the entire transcript, but machine learning takes into account what you deem important and highlights them.
  • By picking out all of these key indicators, it can build a sentiment around each conversation, and give you the truly unbiased option you want.
  • The result – probability to close becomes “more than a feeling.”



I’m sure these scenarios have given you a nice cut to chew on, so if you want to learn more about how OppSource Aptitude™ directly addresses these scenarios and others, please reach out and we’ll be happy to walk you through it and see if AI would be a good fit for your growing sales team.

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