Case Study: Lifetouch

Lifetouch has been the quintessential name in portrait photography since anyone can remember. From school pictures, to sports teams, to family portraits – Lifetouch leaves its mark in the homes of families across America. Lifetouch has been a topperforming customer of OppSource since 2015. For the last 80 years, Lifetouch had used an outside sales model. This constituted the sales rep travelling from school to school and “dropping in” to discuss and acquire new business. Historically, these tactics had worked well.

In today’s world, however, their outside reps were finding that the decision maker varied from school to school. Tracking these individuals down became costly and displayed diminishing returns. The goal of implementing an inside sales team was to cover their accounts with greater effectiveness.

The main challenge then became – how do they organize the inside model to maximize their coverage model?

Want to see it in action?

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