Calling After a Holiday

Who calls on the 5th of July? I mean, honestly.

This year is a bit of an exception, because it falls in the middle of the week, but often times we assume that people will take the day after a holiday off, and that it isn’t worth reaching out to your prospects.

They won’t even be in on the fifth. I’d better call tomorrow.”

That’s right. Call tomorrow, with everyone else. They’ll be expecting it, and their guard will be high. So high, I doubt they even pick up. There’s nothing lost by waiting a day – but there is nothing gained.

Instead, think of it this way.

If your prospect is half as dedicated as you, they’ll be in the office that day. The right ones that think critically and care deeply about the solutions they purchase for they business will be in the office. You never know, you might surprise them and find yourself in an engaging conversation.

But Sam… what if they celebrated a little too much the evening before, and they’re in a bad mood?

Worry about two things: what you know for sure and what you can control. You know their phone number, and you can choose when to contact them.

You also might find that they are one of a few people in the office, and their schedule is fairly open. You might get that ten minute conversation you’ve been trying to get since they entered your purview.

Don’t waste a single day.

Sometimes the best days to prospect are the ones you’d least expect.

Happy Fourth!

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