5 Ways to Accelerate Sales Results with Email Tracking

There are only so many calls, emails and meetings a sales representative can set up in a single day, meaning the outreach that is conducted must be as effective as possible.

When contacting leads and prospects, it can be frustrating to hear nothing but static on the other line, or to send out emails only to receive no response (and no way to know that they even read it). That’s why you should use email tracking to your advantage if you’re a modern-day sales development representative (SDR).

If you’re new to the concept, don’t worry – OppSource is here to show you how to do it! Here’s five ways you can accelerate sales results with email tracking.

What is Email Tracking?

Email tracking is a technique for analyzing an email that was delivered to a customer. Most tracking technologies use some form of digitally time-stamped element to show the time and date that an email was received or opened, while monitoring IP Addresses to collect crucial customer information.

Key features of email tracking:

  1. Unique Open Count: The amount of recipients who opened the message at least once.
  2. Delivery Rate: The percentage of sent emails that were successfully delivered.
  3. Bounce Rate: The number of recipients that bounce from your email for a reason such as the email address does not exist anymore, the mailbox is full or the account is inactive.
  4. Unique Unsubscribe Rate: Amount of recipients who unsubscribe from the email list.
  5. Spam Complaint Rate: Amount of recipients who mark the message as spam.

Now that you understand a little background on email tracking, let’s discuss the best reasons to implement it into your process to improve sales.

1) Capturing a Prospect at the Moment of Interest

There’s no doubt that capturing the attention of a prospect at the moment they click on an email or fill out a contact form is critical in gaining their business. Email tracking software, such as OppSource’s PursuitPro, can assist with getting the prospect in the funnel.

With Moment-of-Interest Alerts, you will be alerted whenever your emails are opened, received engagement, are unsubscribed from and more. When you’re equipped with this information, you can improve your connect rate by up to nine times by targeting those users at the exact moment they show interest in your product.

2) Save Time by Implementing Templates

A salesperson’s day is usually filled with phone calls, meetings and any other job that pops up – normally, they don’t have the extra bandwidth to create customizable emails for every individual they want to contact. That’s where templates can come in handy.

Trackable email templates allow SDRs to build compelling emails with clickable content that engages prospects and accelerates the sales process by saving you time. No more building outreach efforts email-by-email. Instead, use a template for mass emails that eliminate time-consuming individual outreach.

3) Gain Complete Control of Content

Most email tracking software services will provide a content library feature, where sales reps have access to any marketing asset that the company creates. Whether it’s an ebook, white paper, blog post or product spec sheet, when the SDR has control of content, he has a better chance of persuading the prospect into buying.

Take for instance, a prospect that is high in the funnel. They’re most likely looking for general info about the product or service that’s within your niche. Serving them with a how-to guide or a resource hub may be the best way to reach them. Once they read through your content and understand that you’re a knowledgeable, trustworthy company, they’ll be more inclined to say yes when they’re presented with an offer.

4) Optimizing Your Touch Plans

When conducting email tracking, it’s important to understand where the tactic lies within your sales ecosystem. You likely have a number of different outreach efforts going on at once, like calls, LinkedIn messages, networking events and more, so it’s important that email tracking is implemented to see how effective the strategy is with your audience. Depending on the market you serve and the product you sell, email may or may not be the best form of outreach – but you won’t know unless you track your efforts.

5) Aligning Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing must be aligned when conducting email marketing campaigns. Both teams are working towards the same basic goals: increase the value and customer base of the business. With email tracking software, both teams can understand how their outreach efforts are performing and adjust accordingly.

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