In 2007 the average number of attempts it took to get ahold of someone was 2.7. Today that number is somewhere between 10 and 13. Sales cycles are longer, more people are involved in the decision-making process, and buyers are more informed than ever.

OppSource is designed for the modern sales cycle. It takes more conversations to close a deal than it ever has. Not only will the OppSource platform get you to those conversations but it transcribes, analyzes, sets action items, and creates all the necessary next steps. Sales Reps using OppSource can focus on the conversation, while Machine Learning and AI take care of the busywork.

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No Leads Left Behind

Once Marketing Automation qualifies a lead, the Sales Rep gets an alert. The contact then flows into a Touch Plan™ –  a systematic engagement rhythm designed to make sure the rep connects. Through email, social, and phone outreach, your sales reps have a better chance of having a conversation.

Mine conversations for hidden value

Get all the little nuggets that don’t make it to the notepad. Conversation transcripts show you the whole picture without forcing you to listen to hours of conversations. Transcript analysis automatically schedules future outreach, creates post-conversation action items, and analyzes the sentiment of the conversation based on your organization’s history.

Coach & Replicate Success

Take the most used phrases from successful conversations and coach your team with them. Destroy the curve – turn your B players into A players, and A players into MVPs. By using these insights you will be able to replicate your wins with considerably less effort.

Foster Consistent Growth and Accurate Forecasts

When you look at all of the data that comes out of a handful of conversation transcripts, forecasted to close becomes “more than a feeling.” You will have a tangible record of the enthusiasm for your deals filled with prospect sentiment indicators and possible opportunities for additional revenue within an account.

See The Whole Account

From One Screen

Having your Sales Engagement Platform built on an account-based structure is critical. You have specific strategies designed to get revenue from specific accounts, and you need a platform that will facilitate that with ease. OppSource is just that and more. Machine Learning takes account data and identifies new opportunities within the account. Never miss out on an opportunity again

Global Organizations

Powered By OppSource

We’ve helped a number of organizations realize incredible growth over the years. Among them are some trusted names you may recognize. We have an unparalleled commitment to making sure our customers and partners achieve their goals and make their numbers.

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The OppSource platform has a robust suite of tools to accelerate your Inside Sales and Sales Development teams.

Content Library

Insert content into your communications with ease. With the click of a button, you can insert promotional materials that are all tracked. When a prospect or customer clicks, you're the first to know.

Conversation Transcription

Don't worry about what you think the prospect said on the phone. You'll have an accurate transcript of the entire engagement. Don't worry about taking notes anymore, and focus on the conversation.

Moment of Interest™

When a prospect interacts with your communications, you get a notification right away. Reaching out within 10 minutes of your prospect's Moment of Interest™ increases your likelihood to connect almost 9x.


Dialing out of the OppSource dashboard not only accelerates your day, but it allows you to view all of the information you need going into the call - right from the same screen.

Touch Plans™

Your contacts automatically flow into a rhythm of calls, emails, and social outreaches to ensure that no leads get lost, and each prospect gets the appropriate amount of touches

Conversation Analytics

Machine learning analyzes conversation transcripts for keywords, prospect sentiment, and potential additional opportunities for revenue within the account.

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We have testimonials, use cases, and pricing information all ready for discussion. Reach out to us and lets start a conversation around accelerating your sales team with Sales Engagement and Machine Learning.

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